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My name is Christie and I am so happy you're here!

Welcome to my business, Darling Diva Designs.

Here you will find products like my hand poured candles, wax melts and room sprays.

I also love to create beautiful, delicate pieces of jewelry.

I have a love for so many things. Some include music and singing (will get to this in a second), and another is creating beautiful quality products and ambience. I love designing areas that inspire the feeling of comfort with a little luxury. I’ve always loved creating beautiful spaces and bringing an inviting warm environment in my home when I host gatherings for family and friends. I've had a version of Darling Diva Designs and Boutique for many years now. It all started with making jewelry back in the early 2000's. Then recently during 2020, I started learning the science and art of candle making. And let me tell you, it truly is a science and art. But I have fallen in love with making candles and creating beautiful experiences through light and scent in peoples homes. I believe music can tell a story and so can the surroundings you create for whatever is happening in your life and wherever you are. To create products that provide beauty, peace, and comfort to people is a passion of mine.

 I'm a strong follower of Jesus and a worship leader. I am also a singer/songwriter. I recorded my pop country album, Flamethrower, in Nashville in 2015. I’ve performed on stages across the world and toured and performed with my band for many years until I felt called away from this. I wanted to focus on my growing kids, family and friends. I’m so happy and grateful to have had this opportunity. I still sing and lead worship and have gone back to my gospel and R&B soulful roots but will still occasionally take the stage performing some country music!

Being an artist, I appreciate the beauty in quality and design. I love beautiful things. Things that add and compliment this fabulous life we’ve been given. Darling Diva Designs allows me to pour out elements of my heart to your home. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, requests, or comments. I would love to hear from you! 

God Bless You,

xoxo -Christie 
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